Our Services

Our Services

See how our propety management is rooted in excellence

Financial Reporting
Customer Service and Maintenance

our marketing services

Strategic Communication

One of REM's competitive advantages is a full-service in-house marketing department. Our goal is to identify prospective residents and drive them to inquire about our properties. We accomplish this through a number of strategies from our action plans that are customized for each property. We use social media to give each property a unique voice and brand, helping us better connect with prospective and current residents.

our leasing services

Simple. Direct. Honest.

REM has developed a secure way to easily understand and sign leases online with our industry-leading electronic leasing system. We pride ourselves on having easy to understand documents with no tricks, traps or loopholes. Most importantly, our leasing agents walk all of our residents through every lease, making sure everyone is on the same page.

our financial reporting services

Financial Services

Our team of financial professionals provides all the necessary functions to measure property performance. From rent collection and operating bill payments, to budget tracking and monthly, quarterly or annual reporting, we provide a clear and straightforward picture of where our company and properties stand financially.

our customer service and maintenace department

Serving the Customer

Our customer service department is here to do one thing; serve the customer. REM strives to meet these goals by offering a 24/7 call center and on-call maintenance service. We answer resident calls, emails, tweets or Facebook messages as fast as we can and try to solve their problems even faster. Each property has a dedicated team of maintenance professionals, allowing us to quickly resolve any issues our residents may have.

Our customer service and maintenance teams strive to respond and resolve issues the same day they come in. In fact, 87% are responded to within 4 hours and 100% within 24 hours.